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Wolf Fields Primary School Wolf Fields Primary School

Wolf Fields Primary School

Worth. Opportunity. Learning. Friendship.

Headteacher's Welcome

Worth Opportunity Learning Friendship


An extremely warm welcome to everyone visiting, or using, Wolf Fields Website.


Wolf Fields Primary School’s shining star is its children – who are kind, caring, friendly, respectful and fully focused on achieving their very best.  


Our school community has high academic standards and high expectations of ALL pupils.


Our children’s attainment & progress results are consistently high.  The school secured the highest overall pupil progress results in the London Borough of Ealing in 2019, alongside above national average Results in all areas. 


During the Pandemic school disruption of 2020-21, teachers and support staff, worked in strong partnership with parents and children, focused on maintaining high performance by December 2020 and ahead for Summer 2021.  This includes curriculum individualized to meet the varying needs of each child, and a focus on getting children rapidly back on-track to their best potential.


Our staff team is focused on embracing and supporting the needs of our entire school community, including speaking in community languages and supporting vulnerable needs. Our families support high attendance and value education. Our children feel confident to express themselves to staff and seek support for their personal needs.


The warmth in partnerships is the result of tremendous hard work, over recent years, between families, staff and the governing body, to elevate every aspect of school life and pave the way for bright, positive futures, for our amazing children.


If you have any questions, please phone our friendly admin team or drop us a line. Punjabi and Somalian is readily available on the front desk and other languages are available as needed.


Kindest regards


Mrs Simone Neil