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‘Worth Opportunity Learning Friendship’

Home Learning 11th Jan - 15th Jan

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The Train Ride. By June Crebbin Published by Walker Books

Recommended by Miss Seaward!

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Railway Vehicles Fun Trains for Kids Travel Town Railroad Train Cars Museum for Children & Toddlers

Best Railway Vehicles Fun Trains

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Steam Trains For Children | Gecko's Real Vehicles

Join Gecko for a ride on a steam train through the mountains, and learn all about the different parts of a steam train and how they work. This trains for ch...

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High Speed Train Song for Kids | Bullet Trains and Speed Rail Trains at speed by Thomas and Friends

Meet the high speed railway lines of the World Thomas and his Friends the High Speed Train singing the High speed Train Song for Kids. trains at speeds up to...

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Steam Train Doubleheaders

Steam locomotives are a rare sight in the 21st Century, but it is even more unusual to see two of them running together! In this video, we will see several d...