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Autumn Term 2021 Back to School


Please find our Covid Safety Plan below:

The school has an updated and comprehensive Risk Assessment in place and the children are now well practised at managing Covid-safety routines during the school day.


Please note that all children are expected to attend school and that school starts promptly at 8:55am with registration in classrooms.


Please note the following school start times to help stagger entry:


  • All Nursery pupils should arrive at 8:45am and leave at 11:45am.

  • All Reception pupils should arrive at 8:45am and leave at 3:15pm.

  • EYFS parents should use all the space within the front forecourt to socially distance whilst entry and exit is taking place. 

  • All KS1 & KS2 children will arrive, as usual, for an 8:55am start to school.

  • The school gates will open at 8:40am and families may arrive earlier than 8:55am and socially distance within the playgrounds, with all classroom doors open for pupils from 8:45am.

  • School ends at the usual time: KS1 at 3:15pm and KS2 at 3:20pm - with vehicle gates open to assist with social spacing between families.


Please send your child to school wearing their uniform, with only the following minimal possessions:


  1. Book-bag (and any school reading books to return).

  2. Labelled water bottle.

  3. PE kit including trainers or plimsolls.

  4. Rain coat.

  5. Small hand gel (if you so wish).

  6. Packed lunch (if your child does not have a school meal).


Below are the repeat expectations of parents and families entering our school site:


  1. Parents may not enter the school site if they have Covid symptoms. Instead they should isolate with all their family members until they have received their Covid test results.

  2. All parents must wear a face mask at all times.  Parents who are exempt from wearing a mask, are now known to the school.

  3. All parents must keep 2 metres away from other parents and their children.

  4. All parents must remain 2 metres away from staff members at all times.

  5. Parents may not enter the school building for any reason.

  6. If staff need to meet with parents, they will meet outside the classroom (weather permitting) or book to use the meeting room adjacent to the main entrance. 

  7. Parents may only enter via the ENTRY PEDESTRIAN GATE.

  8. Parents may only exit from the EXIT PEDESTRIAN GATE.

  9. Once on site, parents must follow the one-way anticlockwise walking system, all the way around the site, to get to the exit gate.

  10. Children travelling on public transport who wear a mask, will be asked to carefully remove their mask once in school.

  11. Parents who do not comply with any of the above expectations, will not be permitted into the school site.


Inside the school building children will:


  1. Remain in their own year groups. This includes in the classroom, the playground and around the school. Nursery and Reception children will count as one group in the EYFS classrooms block.

  2. Regularly wash their hands.

  3. Eat lunch within their year group.

  4. Keep their possessions to themselves.

  5. Be encouraged not to touch other children’s possessions.

  6. Older children will be reminded to try to socially distance from others.

  7. External professionals will work with eligible children whilst adhering to the school’s social distancing and hygiene rules.

  8. Children do not need to wear a mask in school. If you send your child wearing a mask, please discuss needs with your child’s class teacher.

  9. Children should not come to school if they are unwell.  If you are concerned that your child has Covid symptoms, please immediately organise a test for your child and your family.


If you have any question about school return, please freely reply to our parent email address; or phone our school office at any time between 8am and 3pm.


Mrs Neil and the Wolf Fields Team